Launched to help women manage their monthly cycles with maximum ease, Sanitary Owl is a new online service giving customers complete purchase-control – they can choose exactly which products they want, and Sanitary Owl delivers them when and where they’re needed.

Sanitary Owl invites women to customise their orders – customers receive whatever mix and number of tampons, pads and liners they need, across all absorbencies, from one month to the next. They can pick from market-leading sanitary brands such as Tampax, Lil-Lets, Always and BodyForm as well as organic products from Natracare.

The no-contract subscription service syncs with each customer’s monthly cycle. This ensures total flexibility and ease – reminders are sent out giving the opportunity to pause, skip a month, top-up or completely change an order. The letterbox-sized, bespoke packages are then delivered to the customer’s chosen address, before the start of their next scheduled period.

Importantly, by only delivering products essential for dealing with periods, Sanitary Owl is the best value sanitary product order service on the market. Subscriptions start at only £3 per month with free packaging and UK postage.

Sanitary Owl was founded to shake up the sanitary product market and bring it in line with the convenience and customisation offered by other subscription-based, product-ordering services, similar to those found in the shaving, contact lens and grocery sectors.

As well as providing bespoke product packs, the company is also geared to help educate and inform. Sanitary Owl’s First Period Boxes (£24.99) come packed with all the essential sanitary products to get started as well as sports knickers from Diary Doll and a new product called FabLittleBag™, which helps women dispose of tampons easily and confidently. The boxes also include helpful teen guides about menstruation and body changes, and an invitation to access ongoing advice and support at