Are you regulated?

We are a member of the ICAEW Practice Assurance Scheme, which aims to uphold the standard of service given by their members.

What if I have a serious issue?

As a firm we are regulated by the ICAEW and they have full grievance procedures in place, and ultimately we do carry professional indemnity insurance.

What if I am still not happy with the quality of service?

Unlike employing people directly if you are unhappy with the service you are receiving or if there is just not the right fit we will immediately provide someone new for your organisation. This process is quick and painless and the learning curve to get up to speed with your organisation is minimal.

How do you ensure a quality service?

We employ a rigorous selection process for all our people far more than most companies would do. We also provide a continuous training programme to ensure that they are fully up to speed with all developments. We also provide all our people with regular updates to changes in legislation and best practice in all areas affecting the business. We also provide a peer review process where each of our Finance Directors keeps another one of our Finance Director in the loop on all major decisions and opinions affecting your business.

Would you take equity in lieu of fees?

In some circumstances we will reduce the fees payable in return for an equity stake or share options in your business. This is by separate negotiation.

Do you receive share options like a normal Finance Director?

If the relationship is going to be long-term we feel that share options tie us into the success of your business even more.

Do you take a seat on the Board?

This is up to each client but the normal practice is for our Finance Directors to become a formal director of your organisation. We feel this demonstrates to you how committed we are to helping make your organisation a success.

Do you offer any early payment discounts?

Any client prepaying for our services receives a discount on the normal price. The amount of discount increases with the amount being prepaid. This way even our smallest clients can benefit from significant price reductions by paying for several months upfront.

How do I pay for the services?

The fee for our Finance Resources are payable at the end of each month on standing order. Additional time spent by our Finance Directors, FD Support Team or other services or products purchased from us are invoiced at month end and payment terms are 14 days.

What happens if I want to reduce the amount of time spent or increase it?

We understand that organisations grow and sometimes retrench and we also realise that there are often periods of intense corporate activity and our services reflect this. If you need to increase the hours you need or if you need to reduce them then we are happy to do this.

As we provide a full FD Support Team and also have instantly available Finance Directors with specialist skills we have the bandwidth to ensure that you have the resources you need during periods of increased activity such as: fund raising, mergers and acquisitions, disposals, re-financings, budgeting, flotations, company sales, and other times of change.

How long a contract do we have to sign?

We understand that organisations and circumstances change and therefore we provide short-term notice periods of only one month. This provides far more flexibility than employing finance staff directly.