Financial models are a key element in making business decisions. They provide guidance in any decision including operational decisions, investment decisions, project appraisal decisions to name a few. It involves calculating the protential impact of decisions on the key financial statements within a business, namely the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash flow. A good financial model enables the key decision maket to evaluate the outcome of a proposal before its execution and enable quantitive decision making.

Financial modelling is a process that involves the building of a structure integrating the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash flow. Depending on the size of the business this can be a few spreadsheets, but more complex models can involve matrix style spreadsheets with often complex analysis.

Jenson Solutions has a number of partners who have had significant experience in building financial models, as we are all trained accountants with experience in industry we not only have the technical capability but also understand the requirements of the business when putting together any financial model.

Our Partners have completed a range of modelling assignments for a wide variety of clients including large scale fund raisings, management buy-outs, merger and acquisition and IPO support.

As well as the ability to produce Financial Models, we also have the capability to perform rigorous checks on existing models checking both their integrity and accuracy, ensuring that all assumptions are reasonable.


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