Starting up a business can be a daunting task, not only is there the running of the business, but also the regulatory requirements that most businesses have to comply with, therefore getting the right advice is crucial.

At Jenson Solutions, we have a number of partners who have significant experience in setting up different types of business, advising you on choosing the right structure, ensuring that all regulatory tasks have been undertaken, and what systems are the most effective for your business.

We can also discuss the correct tax structure for your business, ensuring that as your business grows you are maximising your companies potential.

Once your business has been set up there is the task of running it in an efficient and controlled manner. Management information systems are crucial when starting up any business to ensure that you have the information to hand to make not only day to day decisions but also decisions relating to the future of your business. At Jenson Solutions we have the expertise to ensure that you have this information on a timely basis.


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