Compleo Sport, the company behind InYourStride, is now 83% funded on their crowdfunding campaign.

They have recently carried out some user research that demonstrates how their beta market test is meeting the needs of runners.

The purpose of their research was to gauge whether InYourStride helped users to reach their race goal, to get their feedback on the product and training programmes. They surveyed users who had just completed race goals including the Vitality Oxford Half, Ikano Robin Hood Half/Marathon, Bristol Half and Cheltenham’s Half Marathon.

Research Headlines from InYourStride

• Users rate our training plans 4.1 out of 5
The core of our platform is Adaptive Training, so users scored our training plans for how easy they were to follow, how engaging the sessions were and how relevant to their level of experience. The weighted average is across all answers, which is testimony to our amazing coaching team’s experience.

• 80% of users felt IYS prepared them well for race day
This test was based on a reduced functionality beta release, so we’re very encouraged by this figure.

• 59% of our users are female
This represents the increase in women participating in events, in line with recent studies by Running USA and Jeroen Scheerder/Koen Breedveld on running participation across Europe.

• 33% of our users are first timers
This demonstrates we are attracting the new runners who are at the heart of the growth of the mass participation event industry. This is testimony to the simple, inclusive user experience we have created. But we are also attracting committed runners with 42% of our beta users participating in 3-4 events per year.

As they move closer to their funding target, they’re hoping that their current progress and market feedback will inspire their campaign followers to commit investment.