We are always looking for new people to join our organisation. Specifically, we are looking for entrepreneurial Finance Directors who are looking for a challenging role and the opportunity to develop/expand their own client base.

Finance Directors

If you are a current Finance Director and you are interested in working on a flexible basis with a range of clients then please contact us using the form below. We provide our clients with a flexible service and therefore seek Finance Directors who are able to work on a flexible basis. We are particularly open to Finance Directors who wish to work on a part-time basis and also those who want to have the flexibility to work from home.


Working for Jenson Solutions is not like a normal Finance Director job – it offers an exciting opportunity with excellent prospects and rewards.

FD Support Team

Our FD Support Team continues to grow and includes people with a variety of skills and backgrounds. If you have a professional background in: accountancy, finance, tax, compliance, corporate finance, corporate recovery, law, human resources, IT or risk management then please contact us using the form below.


We provide flexible hours and pay competitive rates to our FD Support Team.

Currently Recruiting Finance Directors

We are looking for Entrepreneurial Finance Directors looking to work on a part-time or interim basis. For more information, click the button!


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