Financial Due Diligence (“FDD”) is a key aspect of making an informed investment decision and can fundamentally impact the consideration, structure and post-deal strategy of all transactions. Jenson carry out FDD reviews for private equity and development capital houses, corporates and banks and our specialist partner has decades of experience of advising on hundreds of transactions.

What differentiates Jenson is that an experienced partner will personally carry out the work for you and be constantly available to provide practical advice and opinions (and not just reams of analysis) throughout the transaction. We have particular experience in advising the SME market and entrepreneurs and always utilise the skillsets of our team of experienced FD’s to ensure we deliver robust opinions that are commercial and practical. Our focused reporting provides conclusions on:

  • Quality of earnings and pricing
  • Adequacy and scalability of the finance function
  • Completeness of liabilities and recoverability of assets
  • Normalised profile of cash flow and working capital; and
  • Reasonableness of financial projections

We can and do individually tailor our approach to your requirements and budget for each transaction, whether it be a highly focused “stripped down” review or a comprehensive full scope FDD exercise. Whatever your requirements, you will always have a partner on hand to advise and support you throughout the process.


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