We are excited to announce an update regarding the investment by the Jenson Seed EIS Fund 2 into Tutor Tap Ltd (, which was completed in March of this year. Tutor Tap is the UK’s leading online tutoring service.

Since March, Tutor Tap has completed the development and testing of its cutting-edge virtual classroom, which combines the convenience of working online with the quality of in-person tutoring. Tutor Tap has also recruited and screened almost 1,000 tutors, with expertise in more than 300 subjects. The model has been tested through the provision of over 200 hours of completed tuition to date. Tutor Tap’s revenue model means that students can use the system for one-off or more regular sessions with a tutor in a secure, private and convenient environment.

Having validated its delivery mechanism, Tutor Tap is now focussed on a B2B model, working with schools to provide tuition to students in support of their class-work. Jenson is pleased to announce that Tutor Tap has been retained by a leading Academy school to deliver a programme of tuition during the 2015-16 academic year and that it expects to finalise additional appointments shortly.

James Grant, Founder and CEO of Tutor Tap commented: “Schools are increasingly ambitious about helping their pupils to improve their grades and to achieve their academic potential. Online tutoring suits the individual requirements of students and Tutor Tap’s high quality platform and cost-effective model is ideally tailored to schools’ requirements. We would expect students who have achieved success through Tutor Tap to retain a relationship with us into their undergraduate studies.”

Sina Ataherain, Co-Founder and COO added: “Tutor Tap has benefitted enormously from the involvement of Jenson over the past five months. The funding has allowed us to finalise our virtual classroom, conduct a thorough period of testing and to approach the imminent academic year with confidence. We look forward to maintaining our relationship with Jenson through a very exciting time for our company.”