We are delighted that Jenson investee company Inkvite recently featured in The Sunday Times “Planet of the Apps” highlighting collaborative fiction and is currently on the front page of the App Store!

Matt Bingham of The Sunday Times wrote “Inkvite has been going for a few years and has a lot more content to read, much of it “fan fiction” using existing characters and scenarios. (EL James’s Fifty Shades of Grey originated as fan fiction based on the Twilight novels — but don’t let the thought of immense riches put you off.) One user chooses a genre, writes a title and a short first chapter, specifies a number of “turns” between four and 16 and invites up to three co-authors. Each is notified when it’s their turn to add a chapter. If the story is working, make it public so anyone can read it and leave comments. You can also “solo write”, or put up work as you write it and wait for feedback; follow other users to be told when they post new material; add attractive virtual covers (an in-app purchase of 79p or more); and find recommended and trending work. Amid the weirdness and self-indulgence there’s some interesting stuff going up.”