We are pleased to follow-up of our first three funds with the combined SEIS & EIS Fund 4. The fund is open for investment, if you would like more information please contact seis@jensonsolutions.com.

The Fund aims to target exciting new innovative and disruptive technologies to be nurtured alongside existing investment opportunities that require follow on investment to fully exploit commercialisation of a proven business model.

The new fund (Fund 4) is a combined SEIS & EIS structure which is designed to provide increased diversification as a portfolio investment. The balance between capital growth, portfolio risk and time horizon is maximised, whilst enhancing the tax advantages available. Our offering allows investors to choose whether they want to invest solely via SEIS or EIS or to split their funds across SEIS and EIS investments. Generally the EIS funds will be invested later into the companies and therefore will benefit from investing in slightly more mature companies.

The first funding round will close on 30th November 2016. We have some exciting and innovative businesses lined up ready for investment allowing immediate deployment of the funds. To download an Executive Summary and IM please visit the Jenson Funding Partners website.