We are delighted to share the following press release from our SEIS Investee In Your Stride regarding the launch of the training platform Mbition.

A team of running gurus has launched a training platform to help runners in mass participation events cross the finish line.

Mbition, the smartest adaptive training app on the market, is a new personalised training platform which helps runners of all abilities achieve their personal goal.

It is designed to help runners overcome the many barriers that stand in the way of consistent training such as busy schedules, injuries, illness, holidays, work, kids and the weather. If they fall behind with their training, Mbition helps them get back on track safely.

According to industry figures, 1 in 5 entrants fail to make it to the start line of mass participation running events. Mbition aims to reduce this failure rate by providing a supportive service which is close to having a personal run coach.

So how does it work? Mbition creates a 100% custom training plan built around runner’s exercise history, current fitness, training availability and their event goal. Each plan is created dynamically using a rules and training load based system, so each plan is created specifically for that runner. Mbition creates the plan based around the user’s schedule, and also allows them to make last minute changes any time.

The core of the platform is the Adaptive Coaching Engine (ACE). It cleverly adapts to each user’s progress and reacts to changes in pacing, sessions completed, training volume and training load. Each week, ACE recommends adaptations to each user’s plan via a virtual ‘check-in’ with the Mbition coaching team.

Created in Bristol, the hotbed of digital technology start-ups, Mbition is already two years in the making having been conceived in early 2014 by Shaun Lancaster – runner, triathlete and sports marketer.

The concept was initially backed and developed as part of tech incubator Webstart Bristol, where the initial research and development was performed.

The other running experts involved include award-winning coach multi-sport Andy Bullock, run coaching data specialist Russell Cox and and Mbition COO Verity Halliday.

Since inception, Mbition has been developed and launched with the support of Jenson Solutions Group, the London-based Venture Capital investment company, well known for their investments in technology sectors.

Shaun Lancaster, founder of Mbition, said: “We’re seeing a massive increase in runners from all walks of life entering mass participation events in order to get fit, to raise charity funds or for a real sense of achievement.

“It’s fantastic to see this growth, but with one in five runners not reaching race day, the challenges facing each runner are evident.

“We’ve always felt there was a better solution than a fixed, vaguely-fitting training plan and very few runners will pay for a 1-2-1 coach.

“So for two years we’ve been working on a better solution that adapts when life’s commitments conspire against trying to follow a training regime. Our new adaptive running app will help runners of all abilities cross the finish line and have a fantastic race day.”

Behind the scenes there are 3,500 sessions, 200 datasets and over 100 algorithms that enable the web app to adapt to most possible eventualities that the runner might experience.  Also included in the web app are details of over 20,000 worldwide events, so finding race goals across 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon distances is simple.

The web app can be found at www.mbition.coach and is accessible on mobile or desktop browsers. It’s a subscription service with a 30-day free trial, then costing £3/$4.50/€4 per month or £25/$36/€30 a year.

The Mbition team are so confident that users will love the app that the team is offering a six months free subscription for users who don’t hit their target time. As long as they stick to their training program!

Mbition combines engaging training sessions (including parkrun and strength and conditioning) and every single element of the sessions is customised for each user. The simple timeline view of each training plan is novice-friendly and designed to keep the runner focused on their goal and up to date with their progress. Runners can check their fitness rating and performance statistics with ‘Insights’ which gives a detail view of the runner’s progress towards their goal.


Mbition can be found at www.mbition.coach and for more information about the team behind the app go to www.mbition.coach/ourstory.