Compleo Sport, the company behind InYourStride, is now 100% funded on their crowdfunding campaign.

Since they first unveiled their Adaptive Coaching Platform, they’ve had some fantastic feedback from the Mass Participation Events (MPE) industry, from race organisers, sports brands and charities. Here are some of the great things that the industry is saying about InYourStride…

“Whilst some training plans claim to be adaptive, none do it as well as InYourStride with its sophisticated algorithms that automatically adapt to cope with breaks in training and increasing or decreasing pace.”
Simon Kentish – Achieve Events (Organiser of Vitality Run Series), CTO

“This is such a fantastic idea that creates and adapts your personalised MPE training program for you. This will be a huge benefit for all our Newton Running customers who are training for an MPE, but don’t have the time to monitor and update their own training plans or engage with a coach or PT.”
Stephen Honight – Newton Running, UK Country Manager

“In MoRunning events we see a drop out of 20% and in London events this is more like 25%. For us it is really important to reduce this dropout rate by bringing in support and information for our participants. InYourStride is an asset to a race organiser as it gives the framework for people to train and avoid injuries.”
Julien Bontempi – MoRunning (Organiser of Movember run events), Co-founder

Receiving this level of recognition from key industry players combined with recent user ratings giving their plans 4.1 out of 5, gives InYourStride great confidence that their platform is meeting the needs of the participants of MPE events.

Furthermore, their partners represent their route to market, putting them in front of the core participants who have signed up to an event. They have partnerships on the table that give them access to 1.7million runners, putting them in a strong position for the launch of their V2 platform in Jan 2016.
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