Parent Tech is an exciting space where start-ups are rapidly innovating to simplify the lives of families in the UK and beyond. Entrepreneurs are using technology to solve a whole range of parenting problem points – from online safety, to children’s healthcare, educational tools, children’s activity discovery, babysitting solutions, family communications and much more. Parent Tech also represents an enormous market opportunity. In the UK alone, there are 8 million families that spend £160 billion each year on their children. Yet, there are 8 million families that spend £160 billion each year on their children. Yet, there has been little written or discussed about Parent Tech, and there has been no single platform that brings together the community of ambitious start-ups working in this space – until now.

WellVine (the first on-demand healthcare platform for pregnancy and children’s health) has just launched the UK’s first Parent Tech community, bringing together innovative Parent Tech start-ups to share ideas and to showcase innovative solutions for parenting pain points. WellVine formed the Parent Tech initiative in mid-September 2016, coining the term ‘Parent Tech’ to bring together the community of entrepreneurs in this space. In its first two weeks, the community had already signed up c.200 Parent Tech start-ups and start-up founders, with the numbers growing daily. The initiative was officially launched on 5th October 2016 at Campus London, and featured a panel of Parent Tech start-ups (Mush, Coo and WellVine) discussing customer acquisition strategies; the panel was moderated by Sarah Drinkwater, Head of Campus at Google.

Hina Zaman, Founder of WellWine, commented: “We are very excited to have launched the first Parent Tech community and to have created a destination for entrepreneurs delivering cutting-edge technology solutions for families. The response has been phenomenal so far and we are looking forward to seeing the Parent Tech community grow further over the upcoming months”.

Sarah Drinkwater, Head of Campus at Google, commented: “Entrepreneurship is all about spotting problems others haven’t solved yet, ideally paired with a large potential market. Having run baby-friendly start-up school Campus for Mums six times, which helps parents begin start-ups both in and out of the parent space, it’s great to see the launch of the new Parent Tech community for ambitious start-ups.”

In response to the popularity of the Parent Tech initiative, WellVine will host a monthly event series to further build the community and connect Parent Tech Entrepreneurs, and indeed other parties – parents, investors, brands – interested in this space.

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