We are delighted to advise that Jenson investee Voneus are planning to deliver high speed connectivity through home broadband offering, Voneus Together. Here is the full press release.

Leading Telecoms Company, Voneus, responds to a report by cable.co.uk that attributes the slowest average broadband speed to Gloucestershire village, Miserden. Plans are in place to deliver high speed connectivity by Spring 2016 through home broadband offering, Voneus Together.

Voneus has assisted Miserden Estates since late 2015 to understand and resolve the challenges being faced by local residents and businesses in Miserden, as a result of inadequate broadband speeds.

Voneus is working closely together with the Estate Office and has held public consultation meetings at the village hall, attended by MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, to develop a plan to roll out high speed
broadband for the residents and businesses of Miserden and provide the solution.

Voneus Together will bring high speed broadband to Miserden in the near future, long before it is considered for connection by any of the mainstream providers. The response from the local
community has been overwhelmingly positive.

Voneus Sales Director, Gary Day, comments: “Obviously we’re delighted that the Voneus Together offering will enable all residents and businesses to access high speed broadband and bring Miserden from the perceived dark ages into the 21st Century. Staying connected is an essential part of business and everyday living. Voneus Together is a service we are proud to provide for Britain’s rural communities.”

Voneus continues to install quality high speed broadband and connectivity services to poorly connected rural homes and businesses across the UK and is committed to ongoing development in this area.