Precious Pets London were excited to unveil the new display of their luxury grooming range in Selfridges & Co. London on their fourth floor this month. The launch of the range was scheduled to coincide with the famous London department store’s Christmas offerings that are now being displayed throughout. The selection includes the Precious Pets London gift range as well as their established retail lines. It certainly fits in amongst their offerings of luxury British products, as the photo can attest.

The company founders, siblings Charlotte and Gregory Nash, were there to see the new display and say they couldn’t have been happier with how the products are being represented in Selfridges. Charlotte praised the display, stating ‘Our products look wonderful in this prestigious store and not only fit in well with their existing lines but have also been displayed beautifully.’ Gregory added ‘We were so pleased to see how much space has been given over to the brand and feel this is a great step towards establishing the range as Britain’s luxury grooming brand of choice.’

Cetainly, following Harrods abrupt announcement to close their Pet Kingdom in 2014, shortly after they had agreed to launch the products there, the brand couldn’t have hoped to be accepted into a more prestigious London department store. Along with the letter of acknowledgment from Buckingham Palace, the introduction to Selfridges & Co. can only help to strengthen the brand’s position. What is certain is that it will definitely produce great publicity for Precious Pets London and the independent boutiques and salons that carry it, both here in the UK and abroad.