Jenson SEIS & EIS Fund 3b is still open for investment with deployment before the end of this tax year.

We are currently accepting applications for investment into our tax efficient SEIS and EIS investments between now and the end of the tax year. Applications can be made by cheque up until today, 18th March 2016 and by direct transfer up until Thursday 24th March. This will allow funds to be cleared ready for immediate deployment.

If you still have an allocation for either the current tax year or the previous tax year we have investment ready opportunities in up to ten companies. Please contact us on 020 7873 2122 or email seis@jensonsolutions.com.

‘Carry-back’ Facility

There is a ‘carry-back’ facility which allows all or part of the cost of shares acquired in one tax year to be treated as though the shares had been acquired in the preceding tax year. The SEIS rate for that earlier year is then applied to the shares, and relief given for the earlier year. This is subject to the overriding limit for relief each year. Jenson are aiming to deploy investments by March 2016, so the tax reliefs available can be carried back one year to apply the tax reliefs in 2014/2015.

For investors with an income tax liability and a capital gains liability, investors under SEIS have the opportunity to make a £100,000 investment at a cost of only £36,000, if using carry-back reliefs.

The fund has already a great deal of investor interest and commitments raised may mean that our minimum commitment for this tranche will be shortly achieved.

For further information please visit our Jenson Funding Partners site.