The offer:
• Investing in our existing portfolio of companies via our EIS (82 already funded), combined with new innovative and disruptive technology firms via our SEIS.
• A mixture of follow on funding into growing companies previously invested in by Jenson SEIS & EIS funds and the potential for new companies to be included.
• Ability to choose either EIS, SEIS or a blend of investments.
• Investments in at least 10 SEIS and 5 EIS entrepreneurial high growth companies, giving diversification.
• Target return of £1.85 per £1.00 invested over 5 to 7 years.
• Offer size: £5 million EIS and £1.5 million SEIS.
• First close 14th December 2017.

About Us
• A conviction investment house with a support system that nurtures the investee companies growth potential.
• A continuous history in SEIS investing since the launch of SEIS in 2013.
• Over £12 million invested into 82 companies.
• With over 25 partners throughout the UK with a proven track record in investing into and providing services to support high growth technology companies start-up, raise funding, grow organically and ultimately prepare for exit.
• A rigorous, scalable and repeatable investment process.

Jenson SEIS & EIS Fund
We are delighted to announce that the Jenson SEIS & EIS Fund 2017/18 tranche is open for investment. The combined SEIS & EIS structure is designed to provide increased diversification as a portfolio investment. Our offering allows investors to choose whether they want to invest solely via SEIS or EIS or to split their funds across SEIS and EIS investments. We aim for each SEIS tranche to be invested in at least 10 companies. The EIS funds will be invested into our existing portfolio, giving the benefit of investing in slightly more mature companies and is seeking to invest in around 5 entrepreneurial high growth companies.

Why Invest with Jenson Funding Partners? How are we different?
Our fund aims to target exciting new innovative and disruptive technologies to be nurtured alongside existing investment opportunities that require follow-on investment to fully exploit commercialization of a proven business model. We look for early stage investment in high-growth companies based around the UK, in any sector, with an exciting growth story and a product that we feel has value. We look to provide follow on investments for those firms we have full conviction in.

Over the past five years Jenson has been at the forefront of developments in this market. We are one of the pioneers of SEIS investing, and have now invested in 82 companies. Since 2013 we have provided follow on funding to 13 companies, all at uplifts to the original share price.

To support our investee companies we have developed a mentoring and support system using all the experience and skills of Jenson Solutions Limited, to ensure that the companies we invest in have every chance of growth and success.

If you would like to find out more please contact us on 020 7788 7539 or email