We are delighted to share the following announcement from our investee Incredible Bakery Company:

‘Incredible Bakery Company is proud to announce receipt of the Safe and Local Supplier Approval (“SALSA”) accreditation. SALSA is an industry standard for small food manufacturers to allow discussions with buyers from retail chains and supermarkets. A complete overhaul of systems, processes, procedures and facilities has taken place within the last six months at the headquarters in Warkton, Northamptonshire and the effect has been hugely positive.

Director of Incredible Bakery Company, James Turner commented that ‘SALSA has introduced extra traceability safeguards should a supplier give us a defective product and we have noticed that the quality of the finished products has improved too.’ This week, Incredible Bakery Company has begun discussions with Waitrose and Wholefoods Markets to expand the UK stockist list. Also it is expected that new frozen and dry products will be ready for export in the next few weeks, including cake flour, breadcrumbs and a frozen pizza’.

We hope this opens new doors and brings great opportunities for Incredible Bakery Company.

For more information visit their website.