We are excited to announce the investment by the Jenson SEIS and EIS Fund 4 into HiveWire.

HiveWire is a secure smartphone based messaging app which complies with NHS security requirements. They have adopted a Bring Your Own Device approach and deploy on UK based secure cloud servers to reduce roll out and deployment costs.

Messages are instant with delivery and read receipts. Users are able to create groups for the teams they work in to further facilitate efficient discussion. Unlike existing healthcare software, HiveWire was designed in collaboration with healthcare staff to ensure problem-solution fit and an intuitive user interface.

Communication in healthcare is outdated and fragmented with many organisations still relying on pagers and fax machines. There is little infrastructure that enables communication across organisational boundaries which leads to inefficiencies and poorer health outcomes. HiveWire aims to remove this frustration by producing this secure messaging network for all healthcare professionals across the NHS.

Dilan Pathmajothy is the Founder of HiveWire. He is an NHS doctor who trained at University College London and worked across London, Hampshire and Wales, Dilan understands the clinicians at the frontline of healthcare. He has directly felt their pain points and understands the vision required to deliver change in healthcare.

Dilan commented: “We’re at the cusp of an exciting growth phase and having this investment in from Jenson Partners will really help catalyse this. We’re looking forward to an exciting few months ahead and to working with Jenson on this journey”.