We are excited to announce the investment by the Jenson SEIS and EIS Fund 3 into Elderbrook Drinks Limited.

Elderbrook Drinks are an innovative soft drinks brand. The founders, David Folkman and Craig Jones, were frustrated by only being able to find cordials in the shops that were artificially sweetened or full of sugar. So they quit their jobs at innocent drinks to embark on creating Elderbrook – a healthier way to make water more exciting to drink.

Their cordials are a delicious blend of premium fruit concentrate, superfoods and coconut nectar which is low GI and full of goodness like amino acids, vitamin C and calcium. Once diluted with water, Elderbrook has one of the lowest levels of natural sugar of any soft drink in the UK.

David and Craig are turning the traditional retail model on its head by selling direct to consumers through a regular subscription. This provides the convenience to customers of their cordial arriving at their office or home and being able to offer more recipes than a supermarket would normally stock.

David Folkman is CEO – spent his career in food and drink working in sales and management roles across a broad spectrum of businesses including Mars, Nestle and innocent drinks.

Craig Jones is COO – established an innovative cycle parking solutions business with two friends from university. Having exited, he followed his passion for food and drink by joining innocent drinks where he met David and they quickly discovered a shared entrepreneurial spirit.

David commented: “We are delighted that Jenson saw an opportunity for a healthier alternative to cordials and soft drinks sold in supermarkets. Working with Jenson means we can help UK consumers reduce sugar in their diet without compromising on taste.”