We are excited to announce the investment by the Jenson Seed EIS Fund 2 into Daylight Robbery Limited.

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY is a UK production. Part heist movie, part documentary the film is a documentary relaying the story of a Banksy statue called The Drinker which was lifted in broad daylight from central London by art terrorist AK47, the charismatic leader of an underground global network of arto-politkal terrorists calling themselves ART KAIDA. A reporter from a national newspaper receives a ransom note, and the most famous street artist in the world is left very unhappy indeed. The Film is the story of what happened next.

Produced by Christine Alderson and Alex Hurle of Ipso Facto Productions it is a debut feature for directors Ian Roderick Gray & Dylan Harvey. Christine Alderson commented: “We see this as the opportunity to push the boundaries of documentary filmmaking, by looking at street art from this unique perspective, and this very specific new phenomenon of going up against the Banksy Machine.”